Look no further, this is not only colon hydrotherapy, but it is a full-on healing experience!! As someone who is in the healthcare field, I know when I am in good hands.

The facility itself is clean as can be and the energy is great. The client before me crossed paths with me as I was walking in and was raving at how much this place and Shannon have helped her improve drastically on her health journey with autoimmune issues. Shannon is a compassionate and bright soul and I truly felt lucky to have her around for my treatment. She really knows her stuff and takes her time to get to know you as an individual. Having done both closed and open system now, I can say I prefer the open. It gives you more autonomy and presence, allowing you to tune into your body more during your session. Shannon is all about allowing you to do whatever you need to be comfortable and will be as present or absent as you like during your treatment. I truly appreciate how she acknowledged that listening to your body is the way to go, she is a true healer! -Allie M.

This was my first time, and Shannon could not have been more lovely. She's compassionate, knowledgeable, and overall extremely well suited for this profession. Her expertise, skill, gentle caring, and knowledge are exemplary. I will definitely be going back!-Dana P.

Shannon is wonderful and I appreciate her manner of caring and knowledge. I will continue as a client with her for my health and because she is such a wonderful person-Rick G.

Shannon was so amazing. She walked me through the process, checked in on me, and was just an overall delightful, professional, warm person. The experience was incredible and worked wonders for my colon. I highly recommend this place!-Marianne D.

Shannon makes your experience calm and relaxing, for a first timer I was very pleased with my experience. Will be back! -Chris C.

I cannot give enough positive feedback when it comes to Shannon and the service she offers at Naya! I am a repeat customer & have always preferred the open system. But it is Shannon who goes above and beyond to make her clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible! I love that she gives you the option of privacy. She is dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, and informative! -Carina T.


Super supportive and knowledgeable-Donna C.


Amazing service. Best service I’ve ever received in awhile. Shannon is amazing, sweet, and super knowledgeable in her field. I feel so much better. My bloat is subsiding and overall I just feel in a better mood. Don’t be afraid to try this. I know it’s a very vulnerable topic, but it shouldn’t be! And Shannon makes you feel like it’s more than okay to be open and talk about it.

- Jami B.


Shannon is amazing, she explained the entire process and made the time spent a lot less uncomfortable. - Michelle C.


Shannon is very good. Very clean and cozy environment.

- Angela R.

Amazing!! Shannon is great and I felt so good after my session

- Allie M.

Shannon is so sweet and an expert at what she does.

- Rosalina G.

No words can describe how impressed I was with my experience here! Shannon is incredible! Having had several colonics before that I would give less than a 1 star rating, this was a 10+! Shannon made me feel so at ease. I will definitely be back! -Ashley M.


I came here for a colonic after experiencing some constipation. Shannon was very attentive to my concerns and needs, and extremely thorough. The facility is clean and very cutely decorated. Shannon was easy to talk to and made sure I felt taken care of. The entire place has a very positive and welcoming vibe to it, totally what you need to feel at ease before sticking a tube up your butt! Lol I would highly recommend this place. -Giovanna G.

Best place ever for colon hydrotherapy of all the places in San Diego. For such a vulnerable procedure, this was the most graceful and comfortable place I've been. Shannon is incredibly passionate about serving others and helping them on their journey to health and wellness. There is no one else I would rather see for colon hydrotherapy. Clean, comfortable and supportive. I highly recommend that you go see Shannon if you are considering this service! -Shea Z.




Shannon offered such an amazing experience!  She really welcomed me in and got to know me a little before executing such an intimate task. Not only did she review my concerns, but she also gave me befits & overall positive feedback about hydrotherapy. Once we went back to the room, she explained how the machine worked and gave me time to prepare. The therapy itself was roughly 40 minutes & I enjoyed the optional foot & abdominal massage (pressure points for release). I will def be back!  Treat yourself & pay her a visit! - Jonisha J.


Shannon is an absolute gem. You can tell she is truly passionate about her clients and their health. Shannon is very attentive and respectful of clients. She made me feel really comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her services and I will be using her services again in the future. -Riya H.



Shannon was such an accommodating and professional therapist. She fit me in before I start a new job next week and she also went over all of my health history and how the process would work before beginning. She explained clearly along the way what to expect. All in all, she was just so good at her job. I will definitely be coming here for my next appointment!! -Hayley M.


This was the first time I’ve ever had a colonic. Shannon was very calming and informative. I feel wonderful. Definitely going to go in again. -Therese J.


Would recommend to any and everyone. -Mark F.

I can't say enough great things about Shannon!! She's very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. Shannon has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable during your service.

I highly recommend her!!!! -Elizabeth L.


Shannon is amazing! Great, hygienic, comfortable experience! -Mel L.



Shannon was an incredible source of calm guidance and information. I felt terrific after the treatment. Clean and energized.-Heidi L.


This is the first excellent hydrotherapy experience that I’ve had since I’ve been in California. Shannon is so easy to connect with. She’s very knowledgeable, caring, and kind. She made me feel extremely comfortable and my first session went very well for me. I would highly recommend going to Naya Wellness if you’re considering a new place for hydrotherapy. I’m sold! I’ll totally visit her again.

-Anastasia Y.



Shannon is awesome! I will truly recommend this center, she’s very professional and friendly. 

-Polly C.

Extremely good and friendly service for a delicate procedure, highly recommend

-Rodrigo F.


I just completed my first ever hydrotherapy experience, and I feel blessed to have done it with Shannon at Naya Wellness in La Jolla. She did a fantastic job of helping me be at ease with the whole experience from start to finish, and answered all of my questions with charm and professionalism. Shannon and Naya Wellness = 5 Star experience, all the way.

-Janus R.


Amazing!!! Never heard of colon hydrotherapy but decided to try it out. I've been feeling like I have been lacking energy. Carrying around lots of emotions and stress. The feeling of cleaning out your intestines encouraged me to let these things go. I felt amazing afterwards. Shannon makes you feel comfortable, walks you through whole process, and just makes the environment total good vibes.

-Francisco S.

I cannot say enough things about how wonderful Shannon was during my 1st visit...she is absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable (and educated) about this process. I highly recommend the Naya Wellness Center. My mind & body feel so much healthier and happier and I can’t wait to book my next appt!

-Lisa C.

THE BEST!  I've done colonics on and off for many years due to a chronic condition, and Shannon is by far my favorite practitioner. The Angel of Water machine is also my favorite after trying them all.  Whenever I have a health crash, it is colonics that save me.  I wish I'd learned all this earlier in life, too, as most people don't realize how critical ongoing colonic therapy can be for helping or healing so many conditions, and that regular use for detoxing can be life-changing. But Shannon offers so much more.  If you choose a session with her in the room (as you can be alone or request her to be in the room, or a little of both), it is like having the best therapist (and I've tried a few of those, too), or just a really good friend to share tough things with, all while doing intense cleansing...and the combination is honestly something on a whole other healing level I have never experienced until now - a whole new meaning of the word "release."  She also does acupressure points that add yet another level. Each session is peeling both physical and emotional layers towards deep healing.  It's much more than just getting rid of constipation.  Our bodies and minds are so connected. Most importantly though, Shannon is, like the machine name, an Angel.  Often people forget why they got into a business and it becomes about the business only.  For Shannon, it's so clear that helping people is her passion and that comes out in each treatment.  She is why the experience is always healing, positive, and full of care.  I love going there.  I believe you won't find better.-Jill I.

Shannon is a very personable colon hydrotherapist. Knowledgeable, sensitive, and helpful. I purchased a two-treatment package and was very pleased with the results. So much so that I made a 6-treatment commitment.

-Carolyn P.

A wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable and relaxing.-Angela C.

Shannon was wonderful, educational, and sensitive to situation!!! -Kimberly T.

It was a pleasure meeting Shannon, the facility was very clean and inviting, Shannon was such a professional but warm and made me feel at ease since it was my first time, I definitely going back a refer my friends, it is a life changing experience. -Leticia C.

Great experience! Shannon was so nice. Definitely recommend!-Tara M.

Very professional.-Robert S.


Shannon is really sweet and accommodating. She answered any questions you had, and ensured you were taken care of. The next time I’m in town, I would definitely come see her.

She’s my colon’s BFF!-Elizabeth H.

Shannon is really great. Super knowledgeable, sensitive and compassionate in all the right ways. She’s gained two clients. -Lindsey M.

Shannon is a colonic angel. She is very present, personable, nurturing, attentive and excellent at what she does. I would HIGHLY recommend her services. I am an RN & a Holistic health practitioner & I have the experience to recognize a true healer and someone who is in the right craft. You or your loved ones can be assured that you/they are in good hands for this intense & intimate healing journey.-Cherie F.


Excellent experience! I've been to many places over the years and this was my favorite. Definitely going back :) Shannon, the owner is an amazing, caring, talented practitioner, and I love the machine they use.-Jill I.

I highly recommend Shannon and the treatment she offers for anyone who is feeling sluggish and needs a reboot both mentally and physically. After my first session I felt a big boost in energy and fantastic about my overall well-being. Shannon is a true professional and is so passionate about helping others. The atmosphere she has set is calming, clean, fresh and above all, comfortable. The treatments have worked wonders for me already. My energy level is up, my overall focus has increased and my soul is feeling rejuvenated! 
I can't thank Shannon enough! -Bernice H.

I was very pleased! Shannon was amazing! So helpful and informative and caring. So glad I chose her center!

-Chelsea V.

This can be a very intimidating and vulnerable thing to do, but Shannon makes you feel so comfortable and puts you at ease. She's great! Def worth going back!!!-Marie D.

My colon hydro therapy sessions with Shannon, owner/operator at Naya Wellness are so enjoyable. With their "seated" technology (vs. lying down), it is MUCH more comfortable and just makes better sense to me.            Shannon is a wonderful, sweet, kind and knowledgeable practitioner and helps the process flow smoothly (pun intended!).  She truly puts her heart and soul into her business and it shows.  If you have never had a colon cleanse, are nervous/hesitant in any way, I encourage you to do so with Shannon and Naya.......you will feel safe and respected.  You will feel clean, invigorated and rejuvenated from the inside out! -Kim W.


Shannon is AMAZING, She is kind and makes you feel so comfortable.-Pooja B.


If you are considering trying a colonic I highly recommend you book an appointment with Shannon at Naya Wellness Center.  She makes the entire treatment process easy and comfortable.   I am a huge fan of the "open" system because you can completely relax with or without Shannon in the room (she will provide feet reflexology if you prefer her in the room).  The instructions were very clear so I felt confident being left alone allowing me to completely let go.  In "closed" systems you have to work with the practitioner notifying him/her when you need to release waste which can be very disruptive to fully letting go.  I love being able to fully focus on my body and deep breathing to get the best effect.  Shannon was incredibly compassionate and well worth the drive for me from Encinitas. -Kayleen W.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon and Naya Wellness Center. She is caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She loves the work she does and it shows. 
I was so pleased with the experience and the results that I've signed up for more, Since my first treatment, I have felt more energetic, less bloated and just healthier.
If you're experiencing digestive issues, try Naya's colon hydrotherapy. If you're like me, you'll love the results.-Jordan M.


Naya Wellness Center is under new ownership and management and it's still incredible!! I love coming here because they make me feel comfortable and relaxed. They are kind and answer all the questions you might have. This is by far one of the best places in SD of its kind! Highly recommended, Love Shannon she is the best in the business! -Alfonso H.                                                                                                                                                                                   ​​

I have never had a colonic before and was extremely nervous and was not even sure I would go through with it...but the woman named Shannon that took care of me ......was so sweet and knowledgeable and so great .....I highly recommend anyone that is interested in wellness..Shannon is the BEST! THANK YOU SHANNON!

-Terry O.


Shannon is amazing! She is gentle, caring and knowledgeable. I truly enjoyed my visit last Saturday. I am forever grateful to her for the help she provides me to maintain good health. I am really looking forward to my next visit. 

-Tammy H.

Loved everything about the experience. Will definitely be going back!

-Deanne J.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Shannon couldn’t have been a more pleasant person to meet or more of a professional. This was my first ever colonic experience and Shannon made my first visit completely comfortable and successful.

-Krystal S.

The owner Shannon is the sweetest most gentle young woman. The colon hydrotherapy was a new experience for me. She made me comfortable and was such a wonderful supportive assistant through the whole process.             

-Rachel D.

If I could give Shannon 10 stars I would!! I'd had two colonics before but they were a "closed" system so this "open" system was new to me. I don't think I would have been as comfortable with an open style if it weren't for Shannon. She walked me through everything and you can tell she genuinely loves helping people through her work. During my treatment she helped by massaging some colon acupressure points on my feet as well as a general massage over my abdomen. I got a little nauseous in the beginning but she quickly gave me some peppermint to help. Halfway through and I felt back to normal.
I left feeling great and I look forward to coming back again. If you know of anyone that is considering colon hydrotherapy I strongly recommend sending them to Shannon for their first visit.
Thank you for your work!!

-Ashley M.

Shannon is super nice and made things very comfortable. As a guy, I came in like 10% nervous and whatever you feel anxious about will immediately go away because Shannon knows how to bring the tension down. The procedure itself isn't even that uncomfortable and is over and you're feeling healthy before you even know it. -Michael B.


Shannon is a sweet and kind young lady. Not once did I feel uncomfortable during my session. Thank you Naya Wellness Center for helping me achieve an overall sense of well being.-Paige S.


Shannon was absolutely the sweetest and the most helpful in answering all my questions!! I'll definitely come back!! -Carmen V.                                                                                                                                                                               



The owner Shannon is very sweet & knowledgeable! This is the perfect place to come to for hydrotherapy. -Brittany P.



Shannon was amazing and made me feel so comfortable - it was my first time and I was nervous but she made me very at ease! -Jesse M.   
















Thank you everyone!

Your words mean so much!