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If you are a first time client you will be asked to fill out a Client Intake Form. 
This form is to protect your safety as well as mine.


Below you will find contraindications (conditions) that could prevent you from receiving colon hydrotherapy.

If any of these apply, you are not able receive colon hydrotherapy at this time. 

Unless you have a written prescription from an MD or ND allowing supervision for colon hydrotherapy over the following contraindition. 

1st and 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy
Abdominal Hernia
Abdominal Surgery
Aneurysm (Vascular)
Cancer Of The Colon Or GI tract
Chemo/Radiation Treatment
Colon Surgeries
Chrohn's Disease
GI Hemorrhage/Perforation
Renal Insufficiency 
Severe Anemia
Severe Cardiac Disease
Severe Hemorrhoids
Ulcerative Colitis
History of Seizures
Carcinoma Of The Rectum
Acute Abdominal Pain
Recent History Of GI Or Rectal Bleeding
Congestive Heart Failure
Recent Colon Or Rectal Surgery
Recent Heart Attack
Recent or Abdominal Tumors
Uncontrolled Hypertension
Intestinal Perforation
Epilepsy or Psychoses
Acute Chron's Disease


If you have a scheduled appointment and need to cancel, please call or email 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.
Any appointment not cancelled 24 hours in advance is subject to a loss of your
pre-paid session or a $90.00 fee.  
VISA , MasterCard, Discover or AMEX numbers are taken in advance for all appointments.

First Time Clients

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to your session. If the door is locked it means I am still with a client and will unlock the door by your appointment time. If it is unlocked, please come in have a seat in the lobby and start filling out the health questionnaire that is ready for you.

Arriving Late

Clients arriving more than 10 minutes late, will need to be rescheduled. 
Please call 619-306-9364 as soon as possible if you think you will be late.

No Call No Shows

Will be charged 100% of your session.
If you have purchased a package, you will lose one session

Sessions and Packages

All sessions and or series packages expire one year of the original purchase date. As of November 7th 2017, Naya Wellness Center cannot honor any pre-paid packages, series or sessions from the previous owner.


There are no refunds for colon hydrotherapy sessions or packages.

Legal Disclaimer

Information on the La Jolla Wellness Center website is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure, any disease.

*La Jolla Wellness Center reserves the right to refuse service at any time to those who do not respect the above policies*

Thank you in advance for your respect and understanding.