Dear Clients and Future Clients,

I’m Shannon, owner of La Jolla Wellness Center.

For the last 4 years I have been your Colon Hydrotherapist.

Although being certified through I-ACT-International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy,

I've learned so much during this time that my training could never teach me; so much more about patience, kindness, understanding, instinct and humanity.

My goal is to spread love in all I do and to be professional with a personal touch.

To make you comfortable and put you at ease, in what can be very vulnerable for many.

I want to help allow you to release mentally which allows you to release physically so when you leave here you have much more mental clarity.

My hope is that you feel cleansed in your mental and physical body, and experience how great your body can actually feel. 

I’m so proud to be working with the amazing open system Angel of Water, because I believe it to be the best colon irrigation hydrotherapy device in this world.

I fully support Rocco Bruno, inventor and creator of the incredible Angel of Water.

Rocco's knowledge and passion to live in the belief that our precious bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and it all starts with clean functioning colon. 

The Angel of Water is a very popular way to cleanse, as I've monitored over 4000 sessions and grown from each experience.

I’ve loved my time spent with you and seeing the life changing results.

I was happily born and raised here-but as we know the San Diego Life Style can be so laid back that we neglect the importance of eating right and exercising regularly.

This happened to me and I love to be the one to say “I know what can be achieved because I started as a client, before I became a therapist”

The mind and body are not separate.

What affects one affects the other.

When we know better we do better.

I hope. 

God bless you all​. 

With love,



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